Friday 08.09

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States begins in 2 weeks!

Please note that attendance in the 3 weeks leading up to competition is compulsory! 

Below is an approximate scheduling of when our amazing DreamTyme teams will be competing. Please note that this is subject to change with running order drafts to come.

Friday Evening

- Galactic 
- Kaitlyn & Ebony Jazz & Hip Hop
- Shooting Stars
- Paige & Kaitlyn
- Power Rangers
- Sailor Moon
- Holly & Lili
- Alex & Alicia
- Sean & Maddie
- Jay & Alex
- Renata & Alex
- Robyn & Hayley

Saturday Morning

- Galaxy lyrical
- DreamElite Lyrical
- Nightmares
- SolarFlares Jazz
- StarBursts
- Galaxy Pom
- DreamSparkles
- DreamWeavers
- SolarFlares lyrical

Saturday Afternoon 

- DreamElite Pom
- SpaceCadets Pom
- SolarFlares Pom
- DreamElite jazz
- Galaxy jazz 

Sunday Morning

- MilkyWays jazz
- DreamGirls

Sunday Afternoon 

- Stars Pom
- StarGazers 
- MilkyWays Pom
- AntiGravity



This years State championships are being run in three halls. This will mean a lot more athletes in the buliding at once. Parking will be limited, and the competition will not wait. Please allow ample time before arrival and parking. If arriving close to your athletes meeting time, please drop them off before going to search for a park. Alternatively, there is plenty of public transport options available!



Shout out to Solarflares for their amazing work ethic, and for smashing out so many full outs and going again without asking! - Coach Nat



Please note the following dates for the remaining competitions in 2017. 

Victorian State Championships: September 22-24

Spring Carnival: October 27-29

Nationals: November 24-26

Pinnacle: November 27


We love seeing all our teams working so hard in the lead up to competition! Keep up the incredible work!