Friday 17.11

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  • Nationals/Pinnacle information

  1. Team information

  2. Parking and arrival

  3. Nationals T-shirts have arrived!

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DreamGirls Showoff THIS SUNDAY!

Come and support our DreamGirls INT. AG 5 team in their last performance opportunity before Nationals!

Sunday night (19/11). Doors open 6:30pm!

We would love to see as much of our DT family there as possible!


Message from Coach Nat

Nationals is just around the corner!! JUST 1 WEEK!!

It is so important that our athletes look after themselves and each other. Stay positive, motivated, encouraging, dedicated, committed and a team player! We encourage all athletes to wear the DT logo with pride. Celebrate the journey you have had so far in 2017. Think of all the amazing friends you have made, the achievements you have had, the fails that you have learnt from. Be grateful for every moment.

Take a moment and reflect on the year you have had so far. Pick 3 things that you are grateful for, 3 things that you have learnt from, 3 things that make you smile (or laugh hysterically). All Star cheer and dance is so much more than just a sport or an activity - it is a life-changing lifestyle - for athletes and families alike.

We can get so caught up in the need to win, the need to progress to the next level, to get the hardest skill, that we sometimes lose focus on what really matters - the love, the enjoyment, the friendships the wholeness that can be created. 

We do set high expectations and ask athletes to surpass them but we aim to do it to help the athletes be the bestsellers versions of themselves. 

I am so excited for Nationals and the future but I am asking everyone to not get caught up in the future and whammy or may not happen but to enjoy each moment, the NOW, the PRESENT, be fully present, ENJOY IT, enjoy your journey and experiences. Live, Listen, Learn, Laugh, Love.

See you in the gym/studio

Nat x


Nationals/Pinnacle Information

  1. Team Information

    Please find links below to our athlete information running orders for both Nationals and Pinnacle. Please ensure that you alow plenty of time to get to your meeting time - the competition waits for nobody!

    We would LOVE to see our DT family there to support each other! If you are competing, why not come early, or stay later to watch some of our amazing athletes take the floor at the world's THIRD LARGEST competition!


  2. Parking and Arrival

    Due to construction, parking options are limited at the Convention centre. Please see below link, and consider using public transport to avoid being late!

  3. Nationals t-shirts have arrived! They will be distributed to those who have paid during classes over the next few days. If you have not paid, please see office staff to arrange payment. If t-shirts have not been paid for by TUESDAY they will alternatively be passed on to athletes who missed the opportunity to order one.


Fire and Ice Masquerade - Annual Awards night 2017

Our annual awards night is fast approaching! Purchase your tickets by clicking the link below and filling out the order form.



2018 Registration and Try-Outs

2nd Dec Saturday 


* 10am - 10:45am Tiny (3-5 yrs come and play)

* 11:00am - 11:45am Mini/ Youth/ junior level 1 (5-13 years)

* 12:15pm - 1:30pm Youth/Junior level 2&3 (6 - 15years)

* 2:00- 3:15pm Senior/ Open 2& 3 & 4 (9 yrs and over)


* 9am - 10am: mini/ Youth Dance (6-10 years)

* 10:00am - 11:00am Junior Dance (11-14 years)

3rd Dec Sunday 


* 5:30 - 7:30pm International Level 5 (13years +).

(Worlds Team 1st round try outs - if applicable)


4th Dec Monday


*4:45pm -5:30pm Tiny (3-5years) come and play

* 6:30 -8pm Senior (9 -17years) - must attend this if attending Elite team try outs Tuesday.


5th Dec Tuesday: 

*5:45pm - 7pm Senior Elite Dance (10-17years)

*7pm - 8:15pm Open Dance (13 years and over)

*8:15pm - 9pm Worlds Try outs if applicable


2nd Round Call Backs for Elite/ Worlds Bid Teams (if applicable)

Cheer - Wed/ Friday 7:30 - 9pm (6th & 8th Dec)

Dance - Thursday 7-9pm (7th Dec)