Friday 24.08

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States is getting closer! We are so proud of how hard our teams are working in the lead up to the next competition of the season.

Just a reminder that all training sessions in the three weeks prior to competition are compulsory for all athletes, as per the attendance policy in the 2017 Information Package.

If you have a planned absence, you must alert your coach as soon as you know of the session from which you will be away. Any unplanned absences (e.g Illnesses) must be confirmed to your coaches prior to the commencement of the training session.


A reminder to please be respectful of when you contact coaches.

While we do understand that sometimes you may have a question or query on your mind, please refrain from using text/facebook messenger to contact coaches during the following hours:

Before 9am everyday.

After 10pm weeknights

After 5pm weekends.

If you have a question that you don't want to forget, please email, or your coaches email address (if you would like this, please chat to your coaches before/after training).

Nat would like to inform everyone that her phone is scheduled to switch to 'Do Not Disturb' from the hours of 10pm-9am, and she will not be responding to texts sent during this time.

Thank you!



One of the DreamGirls has lost her 2017 personalised team jumper. If you could please check your jumpers team name, as well as the tags, it would be highly appreciated! If found, please return to Jess at the office to be passed along.



If you haven't already, please make note of the following dates for the remainder of the year:


Gym Closures:

November 7th (Melbourne Cup Day), November 28-December 1st (Nationals Recovery)

Competition Dates:

States; September 22-24 (MSAC), Spring Carnival; October 27-29 (State Basketball Centre), Nationals; November 24-26 (Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre), Australasian Pinnacle; November 27 (Melbourne Exhibition Centre)

Team Registration/Come-and-Try: December 2-5

Annual DreamTyme Awards Night: Saturday December 9th



Please ensure that you are up to date with your term fees, so not to incur a late fee. Please email with any questions you may have regarding your account, payment plans or balances.

Our dancers are looking phenomenal in the lead up to Victorian States, utilising every moment of training from Winterfest! We cannot wait to see them all hit the floor!



Our adult dance fitness class is open to everyone wanting to get fit, have fun and have a boogie! 5-6pm Friday nights! $10!


The gym opens 15 minutes before the first class begins. Please ensure that a coach or member of staff is present before dropping your athletes off.

Athletes are not permitted to play on gym equipment before their class begins

Siblings/parents are not permitted in the gym or to sit on the crashmats during classes.