Friday 28.04

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Hello marvellous DreamTyme Family!


We are in full swing of term 2! Teams are working hard to prepare their routines for comp season, with our first competition only 8 weeks away! Remember to keep those bodies healthy, eat well and drink lots of water to stay hydrated and full of energy for those hard training sessions!



Wishing Coach Jay all the best as he and his incredible team compete this weekend at the Cheerleading World Championships in Orlando, Florida!



Athlete attendance at training is essential from this point onward, as we are in full competition-preparation mode for all routines!

With the winter months and cold weather hitting us like a tonne of bricks, sickness is inevitable. The staff at Dreamtyme would like to ask that unless the athlete is highly contagious that they are present at training sessions. During competition season changes are made to routines, and when athletes are absent it takes time away from future training sessions, because what was covered in the session where they were away needs to be gone over again.



DreamTyme Dance Academy’s newest class begins this week! From 2-3pm and again from 5-6pm on Fridays, we have a fantastic fun-filled class! Come along to have fun, get fit and just dance!



We understand that there can be lots of excitement after a fantastic training session, it’s exciting for your coaches too! We want to remind everyone that we are located in a residential area, and we need to be respectful for our neighbours. We ask that you please remember to leave quietly, especially late at night. If you are wanting to have a group conversation, we suggest maybe heading around the McDonalds on the corner to grab a coffee and chat there so we don’t disturb our neighbours!



Our new studio is wonderful! We are so excited to have this fantastic space for our dancers to train and improve their skills.

Come join us on Sunday May 7th for our Grand Opening! Come and join us for a fun family day! Open to the public. Free dance workshops, face painting, BBQ, roaming characters, prizes and giveaways, and so much more!! Come down, share in some laughs, bring some friends!





DreamTyme has been lucky enough to be nominated in 7 categories for the 2017 Cheer Choice Awards! It is such an honour to just be nominated, but now we need YOUR help!


  • DreamTyme Dance Academy- favourite dance studio

  • Nat - Cheer Coach of the Year

  • Nat - Dance Coach of the Year

  • Paige- Dancer of the Year

  • DreamGirls - Favourite cheer routine

  • DreamElite - Favourite dance routine

  • Solarflares - favourite trick section

Follow the link below to vote! Share with your friends and get them to vote too!



Our new personalised jumpers are on their way! They are scheduled to be delivered Friday May 5th. If you did not get confirmation of a received order, please contact Nat through immediately, so that no orders are missed.



We understand that you need to contact your/your childs coaches every now and again. We would like to ask that you please refrain from contacting them via Facebook. We would much rather our staff are contacted via email. If you do not have your coaches email address, info@dreamtymeallstars is a fast and easy way for coaches to be contacted, as the messages received there will be passed on to the person they are intended for.

Thank you!



Bec Pollard

Tumble Coach

Bec will be filling in while Coach Jay is away. Get to know a little bit about her below!

A little about me: I started gymnastics when I was 5 and competed Nationally until I was 13. I took a year off and started coaching at 14. I started cheer when I was 16 only taking a year off when mum told me to pick between gymnastics and cheer in year 12. I've now been coaching for almost 10 years in gymnastics and cheerleading. I'm finally (after 6 years) almost finished studying!!!

What do you enjoy most about coaching? I enjoy watching everyone work hard and achieve their goals. My favourite is when someone has been working really had on a skill or technique for months and they finally get it!

What motivates you?

Wanting to be the best and never wanting to disappoint my team (and Nat)

What is your favourite motivational quote?

I have 2.... 'Don't practise until it's perfect, practise until you can't get it wrong.' And 'You said we were a team. One person struggles we all struggle; one person triumphs we all triumph.'

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I hate this question. I like food too much to pick one. My top 3 are spaghetti bolognese, tacos and chocolate.


We hope you have a wonderful week, and we will see you in the gym!

The DreamTeam